We Develop Solutions For A True Cashless Economy

Our design approach is scalable, transparent and production ready for millions of users.

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Payment Integration Services

We provide a faster and secure way for the local government and businesses to collect revenue payments. Paying for revenue shouldn’t be painful for your clients, we’ll customize the solution to fit your needs.

Software Development Service

What would you like to get done? Our team of engineers have a vast experience in building solid sofwares for the masses. We have an eye on efficiency, quality and scalability. We develop both mobile and web-based softwares.

Processes Automation

Our workflow engine enables government institutions to easily migrate their business processes to the cloud. We make it secure and easy to manage the licenses and certificates processes

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Designing interface for enterprise solutions

1st Sept 2016 - Felix Cheruiyot

2 Python Software Developer Positions

Deadline 31st Sept 2016

To the users, the interface is the product #UX #UI